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Course: brewing pour over coffee like a Pro

Course: brewing pour over coffee like a Pro

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A full day focused on the preparation of Coffee with the most used pouring filtering methods in the third wave of Coffee.


In this intensive day you will:


  • Obtain the necessary knowledge to extract the best nuances of each Coffee,
  • Develop your technique from start to finish and the ability to prepare multiple filters at the same time,
  • Learn about grinding, different types of filters, brewing ratios, mineralization of water and how these aspects affect the result in the cup.


Before the end of the day, we will closely observe the result of each extraction, pointing out their differences during the tasting session.


By the end of this course, you will be able to create your own recipe using this knowledge about filter coffees and the proper pour-over technique to control your extraction.


duration: 7. 5hrs







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