The BEAT Roast

It defines our signature profile and philosophy, we make the concept a reality working together with a team of specialized professionals who love their work.

Each season we select high scoring, fresh harvested, hand picked and sun dried coffees.

After thoroughly analyzing each batch, Lucio Alva, Coffee Brewer and Co-creator of BEAT Brew Bar, develops its roast profile aiming at reflecting the brightest, fruitiest nuances of flavor and notes that reflect the peculiarity of its cultivation and process at origin.

Each roast profile is evaluated in cupping sessions carried out by our team until we achieve the desired outcome. Once the profile of each coffee has been defined, it is roasted artisanally in collaboration with Guido Buitenhuis.

The sustainability area is managed by our Kombucha Brewer and Co-Creator of BEAT Brew Bar, Virginia Pérez.

We focus on supporting the production of high-quality Specialty Coffee, cultivated following regenerative ecological agriculture practices by projects that are actively working to build a more just and equitable society, offering real opportunities for innovation to independent coffee-growing communities. and establish commercial ties that benefit and add value to the production chain.

To ensure that marketing and importation is traceable and transparent, we work mainly with Trabocca and coffee grower cooperatives that have a long history in this area.