Collection: Specialty Coffee

In our mission to offer you extraordinary coffees by supporting the development of innovative and pioneering coffee projects, we have selected five coffees from different origins.

If you are looking for a coffee with a classic profile, low acidity, that you can have by itself, with a plantbased drink or milk, you will like Estela de Chontalí (Peru) for its round and sweet character in the cup. It is also the first coffee of the 2022 harvest that we have roasted, so if you were looking for something new, you got one more reason to try it!.

If you prefer to enjoy coffees with complexity, fruity tones and notable acidity, Adola Station, Tizita Bizuneh are two examples of high-scoring coffee with great cleanliness in cup.

On another note, Antonio Membreño will offer you a herbal profile, maple syrup sweetness and low acidity. It is also a good opportunity to try a variety created in Honduras.

Remember that we also have Geisha Coffee Cascara from Panama, the sun - dried skin and pulp of the coffee fruit to make delicious infusions with a lower level of caffeine than the roasted seed. The last lot is finished, the next one will arrive shortly.